Farrington Promoted to SVP/Chief Compliance Officer

January 13, 2023

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Pinnacle Bank is pleased to announce the promotion of Laura Farrington to Chief Compliance Officer in addition to her current role as Senior Vice President/Loan Officer.  Farrington has been a dedicated and crucial officer for Pinnacle Bank for many years beginning in 1999.  Since her hiring, Pinnacle Bank has seen a nearly 350% increase in the Bank’s asset size along with significant changes in technology, increased complexities of lending, and a sharp rise in regulatory burden.  

Damon Morrison, President & CEO of Pinnacle Bank, stated, “Laura has been a key employee of Pinnacle Bank for nearly a quarter century working diligently and selflessly to achieve Pinnacle Bank’s goals and objectives in an ever changing economic and regulatory environment.  In her expanded role as Chief Compliance Officer, Laura will oversee the compliance of laws and regulations as they apply to Pinnacle Bank.  As a valued executive officer of the bank, Laura’s drive, determination, and continued successes have been extremely important for the bank’s growth and profitability while maintaining high levels of regulatory compliance.”  

Farrington has been in the banking industry for over 26 years, and graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Merchandising.  She resides outside of Marshalltown with her husband, William (Bill), and their 2 children.  She keeps very busy with her children’s sports events.  

"The regulatory landscape today is constantly changing and its more important than ever for successful banks to strengthen and adapt their compliance programs.  I look forward to being able to continue to contribute my expertise in a lending capacity as well as my expanded role with regulatory compliance," Farrington commented.  “I am very proud to work for Pinnacle Bank and look forward to the further success of the Pinnacle Bank team.”  

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