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General FAQs

  • What is a Privacy Policy?
  • What are Pinnacle Bank’s business hours?
  • How can I sign up for Online Banking?
  • Can I receive my bank statement electronically?
  • What browsers are supported for Online Banking?
  • I forgot my password for Online Banking . . . what do I do?
  • What information do I need to open a new account?
  • If I have a checking account and a loan, can I make automatic loan payments?

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Latest News

In late September, Pinnacle Bank upgraded its online banking system. The new system is easier to use and offers several enhanced features, including:
  • Real-time transaction posting 
  • Ability to view check images 
  • E-statements will be available through online banking–a separate login will no longer be needed 
  • Spending reports will be available 
  • Ability to export history to financial software or spreadsheets 
  • Easier navigation 
To enroll in online banking, click on Personal Enrollment and follow the prompts.