Debit Cards

Debit Cards

Can be used anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, at any point-of-sale terminal, or ATM. Use your debit card for almost any type of purchase instead of writing a check, or choose to access your account at an ATM terminal.

  • Make withdrawals from checking or savings accounts at an ATM location
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Retrieve account balances
  • Make purchases from your checking account worldwide, anywhere Mastercard® is accepted or at any point-of-sale terminal
  • Access to Apple Pay + Google Pay + Samsung Pay
  • Contactless cards at any participating point-of-sale terminal

Report Lost/Stolen Debit Card

Immediately login to your Pinnacle Bank app or digital banking, select "Manage Cards", then select "Report Card Lost/Stolen". Follow the prompts, then contact the bank to receive a new card.

You can also report your card lost or stolen by calling Pinnacle Bank during regular business hours at (641) 752-2393 (Marshalltown) or (641) 484-7303 (Toledo).

Debit Card Safety Reminders

Debit cards can be extremely convenient. You have the ability to withdraw cash, transfer money, make purchases, and obtain current balance information on your accounts. There are an abundant number of ATM machines and retailers who accept Debit cards, or Mastercard®, which makes using your card fast, easy, and convenient. However, with that convenience also comes some responsibility. Remember to follow these important safety reminders:

  1. Never write your PIN on your card or on anything you might carry with your card
  2. Never tell anyone your PIN, and never allow anyone use or access to your Debit card
  3. Never use your Debit card online to make a purchase or reservation
  4. Never be tricked into giving your card number or PIN in response to an unsolicited phone call or email
  5. Never use a terminal that appears to have been modified or looks suspicious
  6. Never let anyone peer over your shoulder as you key in your PIN
  7. Report lost or stolen Debit card(s) immediately!
  8. Use your Debit Card only at an ATM terminal with the Mastercard® Logo.